Growing up, my happy place was Sunday afternoons in the kitchen making lunch with my Nanny. I embraced the sous chef role wholeheartedly as a little girl because perfecting mashed potatoes is serious business for a six-year-old.

I am now 22 and I have slowly made my way back into the kitchen. For some, food is a means to an end. For others, a way to bring people together. And for a few, food carries a burden – a burden that I have struggled with and carried since I was 14.

This space is a long time in the making; one that I have spent a lot of time reflecting and praying over. Over half of my life has been spent hating and fixing a body that was never broken to begin with. For me, healing my relationship with food made me go back to where it all began – the kitchen. It’s been a journey, a journey that is far from over. But over time, I’ve learned to replace deprivation, binging, and guilt with appreciation, freedom, and balance.

Cookies & Kale is more than just a food blog – it is a reflection of the experiences, and recipes, that have made me the person I am today. May it encourage you to seek balance in your own kitchen and find beauty in the nourishment food provides.